When you select the date search for the rental of the yacht, you must select the time of entry from 9.00 and time of arrival at port never exceeding 19.00 hours.
Other hours consult by mail or telephone.

The place of pickup must be the same as the place of delivery in the search criteria

All extra request must be made by email ( or calling our contacto phone, (+34 696 660 394)

The initial payment is considered to 30% of the total price provided for signage and reservation. For more information go to Conditions of Contract.

The amount to be paid, will be made during the shipment by Credit Card or Cash method.

At the moment you confirm the reservation in the confirm button, the contractor is accepting the contracting terms described in this section of the web in the drop-down panels.


Bavaria 37 cruise

Tarpon 790LX + Patrón
Combustible: Diesel
Tipo:Sailing boat
Capacidad de Pasajeros:12
Precio desde:800 €
Flotador bicolor
Asiento patrón LX3
Depósito integrado de 300 L
Asiento integrado en U
Escalera de baño
Cofres de proa
Kit de tapicería
Mordaza de proa
Consola F7 con asiento delantero
Pozo de anclas
Extensión de solarium / Mesa picnic
Toldo bimini
Kit de ducha
Arco de luces
Equipo de audio con 4 altavoces
Tarpon 790LX + Patrón
Combustible: Diesel
Tipo:Sailing boat
Precio desde:1,264.45 EUR / día
Sistema de ducha con tanque de 100 litros
Toldo telescópico
Pasarela de popa
Vestuario con wc



The renter compromises to give good use to the ship, maintaining it in good conditions and meeting its integrity, as in the inventory upon delivery. Responding himself to malfunctions, negligence, breakage, theft or loss.
The ship is delivered with owner, properly titled and with knowledge of the regulations, rules and existing laws of the area in which you will be sailing.
The renter is compelled not to board a bigger number of people than the agreed on the contract and authorized by the insurance company, being completely forbidden to trade, sublet, hand over, professional fishing, transportation of any kind, such as any activity or use forbidden by the Law and maritime legislation.
The renter will answer directly to the corresponding authorities, due to unintentional absence and pay the total waste of the immobilization of the ship by the Administration or applicable department. In case of boat seizure, the renter must refund the total value of the boat over a deadline of 10 days. Being its established price by mutual consent figured in the insurance policy of the rented boat.
In case of damage or accident, the renter must communicate immediately to the lessor the state and situation, both mechanic and administrative. The repair in any case must be previously approved by the lessor, whereby the renter must preserve the documents and invoices, unless it was due to improper use or negligence of the renter and be granted by him.

The fees do not include food or drinks.

Upon delivery of the ship, both the lesser and renter are compelled to check the state of the boat, its functioning, supplies, facilities, inventory and supplements, approving by writing the suitable conditions of use and navigation.
It is strictly forbidden by the renter to change or replace any technical characteristic, equipment, keys, items and the decoration, as much indoors as outdoors. In case of making any change in such things, the renter should be charged the original state bearing all the costs. The lessee is not held liable of objects, clothes, electronics and belongings left or transported on the boat. As in contract term as after the return of the ship.

The prices include a complete charter service, including all the services except the requested extras.

Included services:

Mandatory skipper.
Fuel for planned days and routes.
Equipped ship.
Auxiliary vessel.
Ship insurances.

The contract’s validity remains promulgated as a suspension clause, for the renter to pay the full amount of the lease.
The delivered amount as a deposit shall be handed in to the lesser the date of shipment in cash or credit card return, serving as insurance under the fulfilment of the conditions of this contract, as well as to respond to any contract breach, malicious damage or negligence in the ship or its crew.
The deposit or bail is contingent upon the criteria or willingness of the owner that will evaluate its need based on the criteria and admission rights collected in Article 59.1.e) of the Royal Decree 2816/1982, August 27, for which approved the General Police Regulation of Recreational Shows and Activities.
The contract shall be understood as finished by delivery time of the ship and payment of the economic compensation by any of the assets.
In case the lessee sees himself deprived totally or partially of the usage and enjoyment of the boat due to a failure produced during the rented period, will not give the right to ask for a refund of the credited quantities with exception to charge the timeliness of the service, in which case will be refunded by the missing days until the contract finishes.

If by force majeure causes or malfunctions due to external causes by the lessee, produced previously to the beginning of the lease and would not be possible to deliver the rented ship, another ship with the same or similar characteristics will be made available for the renter.

In case of not being possible and the renter chooses an inferior or superior category, the proportional difference amount will be charged or returned, or the full amount will be paid to the renter.

These General Conditions are regulated by the Spanish Law. In case of any disagreement that could result by the implementation of the services or interpretation or implementation of the General Conditions between IBIZABOAT and the renter, renouncing their own jurisdiction will submit to the court and tribunals of Ibiza.


Included and mandatory lesser, fuel, equipped ship, auxiliary vessel, ship insurances and cleaning.


Requested prices from the customer to contact by phone or email.

The price does NOT include TAXES.



Season From To Day
General 01/January 31/December 800,00 €